Students FAQs

BetterMentors is an online platform aimed to help medical, dental and healthcare students around the world to study more efficiently by finding suitable tutors. It is aimed mainly at the Middle East in providing tutors and mentors to help in studying for board exams, university exams or any other form of learning the student requires.

You can sign up through our sign up page, fill in your information and browse our mentors. Once a session is booked, payment must be made to reserve that slot. Afterwards, an email will be sent before the class as a reminder, and you can join the room and start the online session.

We try to recruit tutors from around the world with experience in teaching, mentoring and clearing board exams. Our team is continuously in search of Mentors who teach common medical exams such as USMLE, PLAB, SMLE, EMREE, SDLE, MRCS, MRCP and OET. Other interesting areas include Medical reearch and biostatistics. Keep visiting the Mentors page and you will find more Mentors increasing by the day.

Once a lesson is booked, you cannnot reschedule it unless it was cancelled after approval of the Mentor. Please bare in mind that full refund is granted if the lesson is cancelled 7 days before the date, and 50% refund if it is cancelled 2 days before the date of the lesson, and no refund in less than 48 hours.

Please be informed, that the class will take place on our Whiteboard on our website. If you used a third party such as Zoom, Team or others, your account will be suspended and you will no longer be eligible to use your account in the website.

We strongly advise against making payments outside our website, as we can not guarantee any fraud or attempt of misconduct that might be used against you.

We strongly dicsourage such an act. Doing so will result in banning your account from using the website and the cancellation of any lessons you have booked without any refund.

We encourage all students to chat with the Mentor to discuss your weakness and the topics you want to focus on. The Mentor should have enough time and preparation to address that ahead of time. Once you and the Mentor are on the same page, you can book a trial lesson. If you believe the Mentor performance is not suitable, you can always leave a review for other students to read which will help the community and the Mentors in alleviating their efforts in Mentoring.

You can email us anytime at, we will try to address your technicality as soon as possible.

We accept only Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We will soon be accepting other forms such as ApplyPay, MADA, Google Pay and much more. With your help, we will grow together.