Medical students who are approaching graduation need to make future career path decisions and most likely prepare to join a residency program. To apply for a Medical Residency in the Saudi Arabia, applicants must attempt the Saudi Medical License Examination (SMLE) which is conducted and regulated by the Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) and then apply afterwards to the SCFHS matching system that opens in January of each year. In 2019, the SCFHS allowed undergraduate health students in their last year of university/college to be able to attempt the SMLE. When applying for the examination, you have to apply online through an electronic submission system where you will be sent an email with instructions of how to further book your seat through prometric centers.

The SMLE is a six-hour exam consisting of 300 MCQ. Specialties tested is distributed as following: 30% for medicine, 25% for obstetrics and gynecology, 25% for pediatrics and 20% for surgical topics. In order to pass the SMLE, the candidate must achieve a pass score of 560 or above in a scale from 200-800. To take the SMLE exam, booking costs 289 dollars per each trial and the score is released typically after 2-6 weeks. The SCFHS have also provided a mock exam that you can undertake to familiarize yourself with the style of questions which can be attempted through this link.

Test Number of Test Blocks Duration of Each Block Break Time (Pool)
SMLE 3 120 minutes 45 minutes total

If someone is only aiming to pass the exam, it will not be enough as residency positions are becoming more competitive each year. Therefore, Better Mentors are constantly recruiting tutors with experience in the SMLE to tailor private sessions to focus on each candidate’s strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. Moreover, the lowest accepted score in each specialty changes from year to year depending on the interests of each applicant of that particular year, but some programs are well known to have high competition such as dermatology, ENT, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and neurosurgery. As a result, having a strong mentoring program is essential to pass with flying marks.

There have been many websites that provide fixed services such as question banks, video courses and study notes. However, having one private tutor to build a relation with will take your studying to the next level and make you achieve more and provide you with more power and ammunition to pass the SMLE and easily apply to the Saudi Medical Residency Program.

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