Payment Policy

Payment Policy

1    When a Student books any course to secure his/her place, the full amount shall be paid to reserve the mentor slot. We recommend chatting with the mentor first to check their availability.

2.    When a Student pays any amount, the money remains with BetterMentors until the end of the course/lesson.

3.    Any amount paid by any Student shall not include any kind of taxes. Students bear all/any taxes charged. In any event, when a Student proceed with the payment, he/she would be notified with the final amount to be paid after adding such taxes, if any.

4.     In  addition to Para 6.1.3 above, Students are to pay an extra 3.95 AED as transaction fees and an additional 15 AED admin fees. Further, any amount paid by any Student is subject to a commission of 15% from the mentor excluding the taxes in Para 6.1.3 and the aforementioned 5% that would be paid by Students.
(for avoidance of doubts, if the course costs 100 AED, the Students would pay 100 + 3.95 + 15 = 118.95 AED , we take the 18.95 AED and the remaining amount which is 100 AED would be divided as 85 AED for Mentors and 15 AED for us)

5.    After the end of the course, the Mentor may submit a request to receive the money in his/her wallet, we would respond in a maximum period of fourteen (14) days with acceptance or rejection. Our failure to respond within fourteen days shall make the Mentor entitled to the requested amount in full (after deducting the 15% commission) unless any technical error has occurred that may delay our receipt of Students' paid fees or sending any due monies to the Mentor. 

6.    Students may submit refund requests (in full or in part) after the end of any course within a maximum period of five (5) days pursuant to Art. 6.2.2 below. Students' failure to submit such a refund request within this deadline shall be deemed as a full satisfaction from their side towards the course taken and its Mentor. All refund requests is subject to acceptance or rejection based on the circumstances of the request and if the admin deem it valid request.

7.    In the event the Website made any additional deduction (besides the 15% commission), the Website shall formally notify the concerned Mentor with the reason of such a deduction which can be disputed by the Mentor pursuant to Section (7) below.