Mentors FAQs

BetterMentors is an online platform aimed to help medical, dental and healthcare students around the world to study more efficiently by finding suitable tutors. It is aimed mainly at the Middle East in providing tutors and mentors to help in studying for board exams, university exams or any other form of learning the student requires.

Anyone can become a Mentor and start earning money. All you have to do is sign up and fill out the application here. One of our admins will get in touch with you at the earliest and set up your account and verify you accordingly. If we do not get back to you within 72 hours, please email us at

Anyone can be a Mentor. However, please bear in mind that mentors are in constant review by the admins for performance, idle statuses and complaints. Any time the admin might see you unfit to be a Mentor, your account might be suspended.

Furthermore, students who would like to Mentor must provide a sample of their teaching to the administration on a scheduled event. For more info email us at

The website administration will schedule a meeting with the Mentor to provide him/her with all the tutorials and information needed to be able to conduct the lesson for their future sessions. Please note, all lessons are to be conducted on the website. Any meeting that is conducted outside our website through a 3rd party software will lead to the suspension of the tutoring and student accounts.

It is completely up to the Mentor personal effort to conduct efficient lessons to have high reviews and make students recommend you to other students. Also, our team is always marketing the website and our mentors to make our platform noticed on a National and International level. Furthermore, BetterMentors take only 15% of your earning in the first 3 months. With constant lessons and good reviews, the team will review each Mentor after the first 3 months to be eligible to reduce the comission from 15% to 10%. After completion of a whole year, the comission is reduced to 7%.

In order to market it well on social media, keep the website and platform working efficiently. Continuous site maintenance and update will take place to make it the best platform available in the market. Afterwards, the rest is considered a small profit when compared to other websites

Whether you are a medical student, resident, specialist, consultant, master student, PHD student or any kind of healthcare worker who enjoys mentoring and tutoring. You can become a Mentor and start conducting lessons on our website.

Medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, English language teachers teaching IELTS or OET for doctors or medical students and any related health and medical field.

At the moment, BetterMentors allow one on one sessions only. In the future, if we see there is a demand on bulk Mentoring sessions. We will provide an update and implement the feature in it.

At the moment, BetterMentors allow one on one sessions only. In the future, if we see there is a demand for bulk Mentoring sessions. We will provide an update and implement the feature in it

All bank requests are initiated twice per month, on the 1st and 14th of each month. Once the initiation has been started, it takes up to 14 days to reach its destination. For example: a Mentor sent withdrawal attempt on the 2nd of May, the process will be handled by the website on teh 14th of May and the money can reach its destination by the end of month.

Reviews are not deleted unless a dispute between both the student and the reviewer has taken place. Also, reviews can be deleted from the website admins if they contain something that doesn't go along our terms of services and policies.

Since the mother company is a UAE based one. All money transactions are made in AED and the time zone that the website works with is UTC+04:00.

In order to receive funds, we recommend providing us with a bank account under your name. Alternatively, we can send you the money through Paypal.