Do you enjoy teaching and want a flexible way to make extra cash?



Access the first and only platform that provides online mentoring to students in various healthcare fields such as Dentist, Audiology, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedics, Homeopathy, Microbiology and others.

Whether you are new to tutoring or an established professional tutor, we will help you find new students.

Required skills

All you need is apply, and your profile will be reviewd in no time. Having a stable internet connection, computer or a tablet, and a good mic is all you need to start mentoring your first student. Make sure you attend the class on time and stay professional throughout the session.

Health and Medicine Tutor Online receive student's feedback to improve the way you deliver your knowledge online. Make sure you have the professionalism to accept reviews of all kinds.

Make sure you have the right material and prepare well before the class session. Having the right material is half the work.

You can share real time cases from your daily life as long as you obtain an informed consent from the patient and provide complete anonymity of the patient personal information. 

Required documents


Tutors who are applying to be listed as online tutor are required to have a functioning laptop, headsets and a good internet connection.