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Medical and healthcare learning is considered to be a very demanding and challenging aspect of each medical student’s life. Bettermentors is an online tutoring platform that offers medical and healthcare tutors to offer the best teaching experience a student can have. Regardless of your medical or educational level, whether you are a medical student, resident, specialist, undergraduate or postgraduate, you will always have a place in our platform. Not only that, students themselves can teach as and tutor junior healthcare or medical students which can help in both learning and benefiting financially and mentally. All you have to do is just sign up and start learning.

Mentors you can trust

Tutors that sign up on our platform are interviewed briefly before their profile becomes online. Furthermore, all tutors are given a review after each conducted lesson by the student. This will give transparency to all students who are in doubt whether or not to go ahead with their learning experience.

Affordable tuition


Each mentor can determine his/her own hourly rate. If not satisfied with the rates, you can look for other mentors, or negotiate the tutoring price further with the mentor. You will find different rates that can suit your budget and receive the best teaching quality services.

Learn online through our white board


All the teaching and learning is through one platform. You do not need to use any third party application to conduct the online class. In addition, our unique whiteboard is optimized with so many tools to make the online lesson more efficient and user friendly. You can post videos, draw graphs, and share files with complete ease.

Improved performance


Studies on tutoring and its effect on medical students showed that it can play a very important role in improving performance by reducing anxiety levels of university classes. It is helpful to relieve the stress level induced by insufficient achievement that might be felt during interactive group learning. Therefore, learning at your own pace is something that can greatly benefit all students, whether they are in their undergraduate or postgraduate career.

How it works

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Search for online healthcare mentors in medical and healthcare fields and chat with them to schedule your tutoring session. Need additional help, drop us an email at and our administration will contact you soon to help you out.


Find your preferred healthcare mentor. Afterwards, schedule a session with your mentor of choice and start learning. Need help scheduling a class, please drop us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible at

Start learning

Attend your scheduled session on time on our website, and enjoy a private and dedicated online tutoring session at your convenience. All sessions are easily conducted on our website at your convenience.


Once you finish your online tutoring session. Please don’t forget to leave a review for the tutor and refer more friends.

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One-to-one lessons online or in-person.


The healthcare career is full of knowledge and learning. It can be a very steep learning curve for some individuals who aren't used to such a challenging field. Online tutoring and mentoring is unique as it is usually tailored to address the individual’s strengths and nourish the necessary skills at the student’s own pace to perform and achieve better in his/her undergraduate or postgraduate studies. 


Not only that, by taking this knowledge learnt and teaching it to other students. It fortifies this knowledge further and makes you perform even better in the future. As all doctors, dentists and healthcare workers are tutors in the making.

Healthcare Students


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BetterMentors can help you move forward in your study and career, finding the right mentor and tutor has never been easier.

By being a mentor, it can help tone and carve the knowledge as well as progress your career in the academic, healthcare and social part of your career.

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